Every Month is run entirely by volunteers and we all have full time jobs, so please bear with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Donation Station!

Do you work in a coffee shop, or a shop that sells tiny little coats for tiny little dogs, or a barbers/hairdressers OR a bespoke hat shop? No? Even if you work in a general shop, or any place where the public can go - YOU CAN HELP US! 

It would be a huge help if you could have a donation bin (we will provide) for people to drop off tampons and pads when they collect them for us! If this is something you can help with then email us using the form below with the subject line “DONATION BIN”. 

Volunteer with us!

Every Month couldn’t function without volunteers and we’re so grateful for everyone who offers their time to tackling period poverty with us.

We currently have enough volunteers who help us with packing, however we have a waiting list that you’re more than welcome to add yourself to. If so please put PACKING VOLUNTEER in the subject line of the form below - THANK YOU!
If you’re interested in volunteering with us and you have a skill you think would be really helpful to helping us grow - we would really really appreciate your help. 

Collect for us!

We go through pads and tampons like you wouldn’t even believe! It is always so wonderful when groups of work pals, cool gals and guys in schools, book groups and WI’s do collections of menstrual products for us. If you think this is something you can do then please put LET ME COLLECT FOR YOU in the subject line and we will do a happy dance!

Fundraise for us!

There have been some pretty wonderful fundraisers hosted by some pretty wonderful people in the name of Every Month and kicking period poverty’s ass. 

Fundraisers you could hold include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: 

A sponsored run 

Cake sale

Clothes swap

Pub Quiz

Pot luck dinner

A raffle

Movie night

Comedy night

Sponsored silence 


If you have a fundraising idea then please put I’M A COOL FUNDRAISER as the subject line of the form below.

You are all so amazing for all you do to support Every Month. THANK YOU.

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