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  1. What goes into an Every Month Pack?

    We put 10 pads, 5 applicator tampons, 5 non-applicator tampons, and a chocolate bar into every pack we deliver.

  2. Have you thought of using non disposable menstrual products?

    When we get donations of reusable menstrual cups we put them into Every Month Packs and give them to health care professionals, who work with people experiencing poverty. However, our packs are usually distributed in shelters or at food banks and our users don’t usually want non disposable products. This can be because they don’t have the money to boil the kettle and sterilise their cup often, or they don’t feel comfortable washing a reusable pad because of taboos surrounding menstruation.We feel its important to give people something rather than nothing.

  3. Where do you donate your packs to?

    We donate all of our packs to food banks, charities and shelters for anyone experiencing poverty across Greater Manchester.

  4. How many packs do you make a month?

    We make 800 packs a month.

  5. Who uses Every Month Packs?

    Anyone who is experiencing poverty in Greater Manchester is eligable for an Every Month Pack.


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