Introducing the Every Month Team: Nadia

Nadia is now one of our amazing Trustees xo

Nadia is now one of our amazing Trustees xo

This post was originally posted in 2017.

About Me

I am a costume designer/maker, mostly making bespoke stuff for drag queens, and also work at Hollyoaks as a seamstress. I moved to central Manchester about 2 years ago from London and I think it’s the best place ever! I also love hot yoga, learning everything about craft I can and being a bad ass feminist witch.

1.What’s your role with Every Month? What will you be doing?

I am going to be helping with the packing and delivering of our period packs! I will be making sure my designated donation drop ‘Reach Out to the Community’ in Chorlton has sufficient amount of packs every month.

2. How did you find out about the campaign?

I was following the Every Month campaign on Instagram and was very eager to volunteer when there was a shout out for it.

3. What interested you about getting involved?

Menstruation can be, for some people, difficult to talk about. It’s still a taboo to talk freely about our bodies which can have a damaging effect on those who are in need.
All women deserve dignity and hygiene and providing these packs and raising awareness is something I felt very strongly about being involved with.

4. Where do you hope the campaign will be in a year’s time?

I hope we can grow and expand, getting our packs into new centres and directly to more people in need. Also to expand futher a field and get people from other cities on board.

5. Who are you inspired by?

I’m always inspired by people around me, my friends and family who all have different lives and qualities I hugely respect and admire. I’m also obsessed with influential women in history, such as Eleanor of Aquitaine or Mary Wollstonecraft, who completely changed the way the world perceived women.

6. What books/documentaries/films etc do you recommend to everyone?

Any history book you can get your hands on, reading about a subject from more than three sources will often give you a well rounded reflection on the past and mostly help you understand why the world is as it is now.

7. What change would you like to see in the way menstruation is currently discussed?

I think society needs to break the stigma on talking freely about menstruation, it needs to be better taught in schools and at home. It should be celebrated and treated as a normal bodily function, the disdain for it needs to be wiped out.

8 What would you tell your younger self about periods?

I was never ashamed or embarrassed when i was younger as I was never taught to be. Id tell myself to keep being proud and maybe when I got older to not try hiding it away in early relationships. Your body is not shameful.

9. What helps you most when you’re on your period?


10. Anything you’d like to add?

Have I said ‘Girl Power’ yet?