Introducing the Every Month Team: Emma

Emma is now one of our fabulous Trustees

Emma is now one of our fabulous Trustees

Originally posted in 2017.

My name is Emma, and I moved to Manchester a year and a half ago, and just totally fell in love with it! I work as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer which can be hard going, but I love the freedom it gives me to work on my own terms. I make books in my free time, love the countryside, adventure, meeting new friends, meeting old friends, live music, art, pubs and pretty much survive on salad wraps and a bottle of red.   

1.What’s your role with Every Month? What will you be doing?

My role within Every Month is Visual Content Creator, which kind of speaks for itself! I will be putting together videos, artwork, photography, and keeping our campaign looking beautiful, as well as providing important visual resources to keep us informed and excited about the cause.

2. How did you find out about the campaign?

I stumbled across Every Month on Instagram and was instantly hooked! I contacted Rosy last year about volunteering but it wasn’t until recently, that the campaign has started to grow and there was room for me to get involved.

3. What interested you about getting involved?

I spend a lot of time debating and discussing topics around feminism, gender, menstruation and politics but its rare I do anything active to aid the causes I feel so strongly about. Coming into my 27th year on this planet I thought it was time to stop talking and start doing!

4. Where do you hope the campaign will be in a year’s time? 

It is very exciting to be part of a group of people who are all working together to make positive change happen. I can already see how hard everyone is working and I can see the campaign moving forward dramatically not only in the coming year but the coming months. I hope to see products available widely over Manchester, as well as many more people aware of what we are doing, opening up a discussion between all genders. When I speak to people about the campaign it is very quickly apparent that many people don’t even consider the expense and inaccessibility of sanitary products an issue, mostly due to a lack of education and the shame around menstruation. If we could open up that conversation I think it would be a hugely positive thing.

5. Who are you inspired by?

My friends, my family, all the strong people around me doing their very best day to day I think my family are they hardest working people I know, whilst always remaining kind and their success and compassion constantly inspires me. Anyone who has the strength and conviction to be honest about who they are, to themselves and those around them. I love Clare Boucher, I think she is just incredible, always pushing boundaries and working in her own way. She has no fear to be exactly who she is, and is such a strong woman. I cried my eyes out when I went to watch her perform last year!

6. What books/documentaries/films etc do you recommend to everyone?

‘Into thin air’ by Jon Krakauer is my all time favourite book. He is a mountaineer who speaks of his experience of climbing Everest with a group and getting caught up in a storm. They made it into a film recently which doesn’t really do it justice but the book is an incredibly inspiring story of struggle, humanity and surviving. Documentaries I would recommend ‘Valley Uprising’ which is about climbers in Yosemite, developing the sport and living on the fringes of society. ‘The Sopranos’ is my favourite ever TV show, and if you haven’t watched it you need to drop everything and put away some serious time to get through all six seasons.

7. What change would you like to see in the way menstruation is currently discussed?

I want people to be proud of their periods and openly be able to say that the reason they have to rush to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting, or leave the office mid morning to run to Boots is because of their period. There are too many hushed whispers between women in the corner, trying to negotiate tampon swaps and moments of trying to hide a pad up your sleeve as you scuttle to the bathroom, its absurd! For me, getting my period means my body is working, I am healthy, and fertile. Its a really beautiful thing when you boil it down, and that needs to be addressed rather than it constantly being framed as something shameful and dirty.

8 What would you tell your younger self about periods?

That you won’t ever remember the only reason your crying in Tesco because they only have full fat milk is because of PMS, but you’ll be able to look back at those moments and laugh. Also not to worry, because they will invent period pants and you won’t end up leaking on various carpets, floors, chairs and items of clothing anymore.

9. What helps you most when you’re on your period?

Food, painkillers, a little cry and a little self indulgence! If anyone wants to give me a back massage as well, I won’t say no!

10. Anything you’d like to add?

Just a big THANK YOU to everyone for making this campaign happen, and to Manchester for being such a dream.